New Partnership

A lot has happened internally in the past few days and weeks. Many discussions were held and plans were made. We do not want to withhold the result of this very exciting time from you any longer We now have a clan partnership with SoulmateDevils It quickly became clear to both of them that this connection between the Soulmate Devils and Ragnaroek eSport could lead to something big. Through this partnership, both organizations can support each other to achieve their goals. In the future, some joint events are planned, such as joint cups and lan’s. Furthermore, the support of the other teams in streams and cups is part of it. To kick off this new friendship, we are organizing an internal cup on May 1st, 2021 from 6 p.m. In this cup we will mix all members together and then stream this on Twitch with two casters who provide the necessary entertainment. More information will follow on Friday. It is important to mention that we will remain independent organizations and that there will be no merger. We are really looking forward to this new journey together and we look forward to everyone who will support and accompany us on this journey RaK & SmDe


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